Who’s on call?

Reaching the right physician when seconds count


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Connecting clinical teams the right way

Many healthcare organizations struggle to support fully interconnected communication required to keep up with the fast pace of healthcare today. Even hospitals with some form of on-call scheduling software in place may not have a fully integrated system that supports broader workflows. Changes made to a hospital-wide, web-based schedule should be immediately available to the organization, without the need to print and distribute revisions to all departments.
This eBook looks at the key considerations for improving how care teams reach physicians and other on-call clinicians around the clock.
On Call Scheduling
Discover how one healthcare organization took control of their
on-call schedules to save time and increase reliability, efficiency, and patient safety.
Powerful Directory White Circle-1
See how a secure messaging app designed specifically for healthcare can pull information directly from the hospital’s on-call schedule by name, role, or group.
Clock Transparent
Learn why quick access to information cuts wasted search time for nurses and physicians who need to find out who is on call and how to reach that person.