5 details to include in every communication project plan to maximize success

Statistics from the Project Management Institute show that 56% of IT projects deliver less value than expected, and only 64% meet their goals.

Each health IT project should have clear goals and objectives that deliver measurable value to their hospital, care team members, and the patients the technology is intended to support.

In this webinar, Jason Stanaland, Spok mobility solutions expert, discusses the five important details that should be considered critical to the success of your next project. You'll learn ways to deliver value and meet your goals to maximize your health IT projects.

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Duration: 47 mins

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Meet the expert

Jason Stanaland
Manager, Professional Services
Jason Stanaland is a mobility solutions expert at Spok. He has over 10 years of experience in systems architecture design, enterprise mobility management, IT service management, project management, consulting services, and product marketing.