The ROI of the Spok Go® clinical communication
and collaboration platform

The COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for advancing healthcare technology at a rate previously considered impossible. How can hospitals and health systems maintain these technological advancements while managing costs and business efficiencies?

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The Scottsdale Institute recently conducted a digital roundtable with CIOs from leading
healthcare organizations who agree digital health capabilities will need to operate with fewer
resources to trim costs.

Using insights from the digital roundtable, this eBook takes a close look at how you can leverage several recommended tactics with Spok Go to operate technology with fewer resources, including:

Devices with pager - Transparent-1
Consolidate technology
Secure Messaging Transparent
Optimize existing applications
Cloud Native - Red dot - Transparent
Leverage the cloud
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Rely on vendors to support virtual implementations

If implementing better communication technology with fewer resources seems like an impossibility, don’t worry. With Spok Go, it doesn’t have to be.