Finding calm during chaos: Why secure messaging is key to clinical communication
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82% of healthcare professionals are concerned PHI is communicated via unsecure tools.

That number is way too high. The last thing anyone wants is to violate HIPAA.  

Watch this clinical scenario featuring Hannah, a Med-Surg nurse caring for several patients, to learn why secure messaging is key to secure clinical communication.  

Here’s what you’ll see:  

  • Todd is a new patient admitted for acute kidney injury.  
  • Todd’s heart and respiratory rate start to increase, so Hannah reaches for Spok Go to notify the rapid response team.  
  • Using Spok Go, Hannah can focus more time on Todd and less time trying to contact the right people. 
  • In this scenario there is no overhead paging, no added stress to the patient…it is quiet in the chaos. 

Source: 2020 Report on The State of Healthcare Communications (Spok, Inc.). 

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1 in 4 healthcare staff report using consumer apps for patient care coordination. 

Is communication in your hospital secure? Screenshot-07

Your staff are caring for a lot of sick patients—what if one of those patients is crashing? In that chaotic moment how will they relay critical patient information? What app will they use?  

COVID-19 has proven the need for app-driven collaboration platforms that guard against breaches. What steps should hospitals take now to prepare? 

Learn how to go beyond “just” secure messaging to improve clinical workflows and enable seamless communication.  


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Source: 2019 Report on Mobile Communications in Healthcare (Spok, Inc.).

Meet the experts

Kiley Black
MSN, APRN, CNP, Director of Clinical Innovation, Spok
Black is a board-certified adult and geriatric nurse practitioner. She has over 20 years of experience in nursing serving a variety of both clinical and non-clinical roles.
Ashley Franks, 
MBA, RN, Senior Clinical Advisor, Spok
Franks has 15 years of experience in the clinical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare IT fields. Ashley has worked at the bedside as a cardiothoracic and ICU critical care nurse.

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