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communication technology

We surveyed hundreds of healthcare professionals in July 2021 from hospitals and health systems nationwide. This resulting report is an in-depth look at trends, challenges, and predictions for the future of healthcare communications.

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For many years, healthcare systems and clinicians have coped with patient needs that keep growing in volume and complexity. 

A lack of shared information can prevent the solutions from ever providing true end-to-end value for
the staff that use them. As a result, staff may be unable to respond quickly to urgent patient needs
or easily collaborate care for a given patient. 

 In this eBook, you'll learn about why interoperability is such an important concept in today’s healthcare environment with topics such as:

Workflows Transparent
Minimizing disruption of workflows
Implementation Transparent
Making rollout and adoption much easier
EHR Checked Transparent
Maximizing your EHR investment
Authenticate - Check-1
Taking advantage of continuous improvement