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Why Secure Messaging is Key to Clinical Communication

Tuesday, July 13, 12:30-1:00 p.m. 

How does your hospital communicate sensitive information quickly?

Care teams often find themselves in challenging, critical, and sometimes chaotic environments. That’s why providing a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform is key.

This session will cover how secure messaging helps:

  • Prioritize accuracy and speed 
  • Define where critical results should go 
  • Connect clinical teams
  • Plus, you’ll get a preview of Spok Go®, a cloud-native platform powered by Amazon Web Services. You’ll see how Hannah, a Med Surg nurse caring for several patients, leverages Spok Go to connect with the people and information she needs, when and where it matters most

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Dots-Header-2Spok Go® nurse call workflow – see it in action! 


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